L'émission de littérature / The Literary Radio Show by Dominiq Jenvrey
__ February 10, 2012

ParisLike is pleased to announce the launch of Dominiq Jenvrey’s "L'émission de littérature" website.
Since 2004, Dominiq Jenvrey has produced and hosted the monthly Literary Radio Show / L’émission de littérature on Radio Campus Orléans, in which he interviews French writers, poets, novelists, essayists, translators, researchers, sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers and publishers. From Pierre Guyotat to Antoine Volodine, from Bruno Latour to Isabelle Stengers, Bernard Stiegler to Christian Salmon, L'émission de littérature offers a panorama of the contemporary intellectual life and literary creativity.
ParisLike in collaboration with Up-tight and D-Fiction has produced and designed the online archives of this culty literary radio show, which has become an essential feature of the French cultural landscape over the years.